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Executive Team of Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Toshikazu Nishino, Executive Vice President of Hitachi is the Chairman of the new entity. He has appointed the Hitachi ABB Power Grids' Executive Team, which is our top management body that has day-to-day responsibilities for key aspects of our company's operations. The Executive Team normally meets once a month to discuss matters such as financial performance, major development projects, competence development, succession planning, along with other strategic business priorities, such as sustainability and diversity & inclusion. The Executive Team is committed to serving the interests of the business and achieving sustainable growth in company value. 

Meet our Executive Team

The members of the Hitachi ABB Power Grids' Executive Team are jointly responsible for the management of the company and decide on the basic issues of business strategy and policy.  

Claudio Facchin

Chief Executive Officer of Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Ismo Haka

Chief Financial Officer of Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Gerhard Salge

Chief Technology Officer

Achim Braun

Head of Human Resources

Andrew Law

Head of Legal and Integrity

Urs Dogwiler

Chief Transformation Officer and Head of Supply Chain Management, Quality, Operations and Common Shared Services

Massimo Danieli

Managing Director of Business Unit Grid Automation

Markus Heimbach

Managing Director of Business Unit High Voltage Products

Bruno Melles

Managing Director of Business Unit Transformers

Niklas Persson

Managing Director of Business Unit Grid Integration

Noaman Amjad

Head of Marketing & Sales; Head of Japan, South America and South Korea

Venu Nuguri

Region Head, South Asia

Jinquan Zhang

Region Head, Greater China

Johan Soderstrom

Region Head, Europe, Middle East & Africa

Anthony Allard

Region Head, North America

United States Leadership Team Functions

Yoann Barbosa


Jeff Young

Chief Counsel

Kathleen Doherty

Human Resources

Tanya Wright


Arnaldo Acuyo

Information Technology

Debrup Das

Research & Development

Larry McEvoy


Dan Mantey

Joint Venture Build Up Manager

Jerry Clark


Richard Breunig


Frank Rinker

Real Estate

John Haysbert

Government & Industrial Relations

Jason Reynolds

Health, Safety and Enviornment

Business Unit Managing Directors

Mike Atkinson

Business Unit Grid Automation

Alireza Aram

Business Unit Grid Integration

Anders Hultberg

Business Unit High Voltage

Steve McKinney

Business Unit Transformers

Marketing & Sales

Joe Maloni

Local Marketing & Sales

Bart Gaskey

Strategic Market & Development