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NordLink is an excellent example of how interconnecting grids using HVDC technology can help countries reach their targets for a renewable energy mix.

The link is 623 kilometers long, making it the longest HVDC interconnection in Europe. The increased use of volatile renewable energy sources, such as wind power, requires both in-feed of a more stable power supply, such as hydropower, into the Germany grid and the inherent stabilizing features of VSC-HVDC technology.

The link is fundamental to connect Scandinavia with Germany and is designated as one of the European Commission’s projects of common interest to help create an integrated European Union energy market.

To Statnett and TenneT, ABB supplies two ±525 kilovolt, 1,400 MW HVDC Light® converter stations and a 525 kilovolt (kV) mass impregnated (MI) cable system in the German sector, which consists of a route of 154 kilometers of subsea and 54 kilometers of underground cable. This is the first project to employ MI cable at a voltage of 525 kV.

Main data

Commissioning year: 2020
Power rating: 1,400 MW
No of circuits 2
AC Voltage: 400 kV (Tonstad, Norway)
380 kV (Wilster, Germany) 
DC Voltage: ±525 kV
Length of DC submarine cables: 2 x 516 km,
whereof ABB scope: 2 x 154 km
Length of DC land cables 2 x 54 km, all ABB scope
Length of overhead line 53 km
Main reason for choosing HVDC Light®: Long submarine cable distance, stabilizing features
Application: Interconnecting grids
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