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Customers specify non-auto transformers for network applications when separate grounding systems between the high voltage and low voltage is required.

Substation non-autotransformers, like the autotransformers, transfer the incoming high voltage to the next voltage level. As an example, incoming high voltage of 400 kV would be transferred down to 220 kV.

In general they are equipped with on-load tap changers (OLTC) and are connected to the grids by bushings and cables. Non-autotransformers are built-in core form with windings facing full power, that is, HV windings and LV windings are galvanically separated.

Product scope

  • Ratings up to 1,300 MVA (or higher as required)
  • Primary voltage up to 765 kV and higher
  • Secondary voltage in general <= 230kV or higher depending on grid configuration
  • Load tap changers available
  • Single-phase or three-phase 

Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • World leader with 1,000+ transformers delivered annually from 12 factories
  • Twice the industry level on short circuit reliability
  • The lowest noise level transformers available in the market
  • Global methodology passed down through generations – BBC, ASEA, Westinghouse, General Electric to Hitachi ABB Power Grids
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