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Hitachi Power Grids Supply Chain Cover

Creating value along the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management (SCM) enables business success. We are valued by our stakeholders for being an efficient and effective function. Together with our suppliers and partners, we co-create innovative solutions across the value chain to plan, build, operate and maintain more resilient, flexible, secure, and sustainable grids. We help accelerate the energy transition towards a carbon-neutral energy future.

Our Supply Chain ecosystem is greater than the sum of its parts and to ensure it thrives we constantly need to effectively man­age the capabilities and interconnections that bring its value to life. As connections across our ecosystem dramatically shift and multiply it is no longer a competitive advantage to focus only on traditional and linear supplier relationships. Our ability to play an integral role as world leaders, leverage our supply chain and create value requires much more.

Our supply chain is focused on ensuring our value chain re­mains effective & connected to our ecosystem now and in the future. Our essential capabilities all of which have equal value and make an important contribution include:

  • Resilience and Agility
  • Visibility and Performance Management
  • Quality & Compliance
  • Health, Safety & Sustainability
  • People, Integrity & Diversity
  • Innovation & Digitalization

Our Supply Chain Management orga­nization supports our business by providing indirect and direct procurement to our business units, functions and regions. We are responsible for transport, trade and logistics as well as the common shared services that support our operations. Working in synergy, is an interconnected global network of per­sonnel committed to procurement strategy, quality and compli­ance, sustainability and initiatives that ensure continuous im­provement and growth opportunities. Our aim is to provide a best-in-class service alongside our supply base as we pioneer change and continue to build on our sustainability and digitali­zation agenda.