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My Power Grids Stories Zurich, Switzerland 23-07-2020

Laura Micale, United States of America

I am proud to be Power Grids because we help customers save money and our employees are given the opportunity to grow.

"One of our best attributes as a team is our drive to new technologies. We are always looking for new applications to help give our customers the best offering they can buy. Looking into things like predictive analytics and machine learning will allow us to extend current offerings to the customers and in turn help fine-tune our software and grow into a better solution by learning from current customers.

As a developer and manager of developers, having the ability to learn new technologies is a very inspiring experience. We can use the newest technologies to help monitor and predict maintenance on important assets for our customers. Delivering near real time information is key for them to manage their assets better.

The work I do on analytics and asset management helps our customers to monitor and maintain their assets in a proactive, rather than reactive manner. We monitor gas expulsions among other items, so customers can make the best choices about their assets. We are extending our offering to smart grids and solar power as well, broadening our software into non-polluting energy. 

What excites me the most with our coming together with Hitachi is the expansion into new markets we weren’t in before. We have worked with utilities and with Hitachi, we can extend what we do to more things like IoT devices and share our knowledge with their teams to produce even better solutions.”