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My Power Grids Stories Zurich, Switzerland 30-07-2020

Imre Andor, Switzerland

I am proud to be Power Grids because we deliver consistent results and increased value to our shareholders.

"I am inspired working for our team as we are one of the most trusted global technology and manufacturing solutions partner to improve the world using advanced technologies and systems.

Through steward sustainable manufacturing and operations practices, we help in minimizing environmental impact and contribute positively to the world. We make great products and solutions for our customers that create value and improve people's lives. Our solutions driven by different technologies to bring sustainable industry systems that the world needs to mitigate climate change and conserve non-renewable resources, is our part in making the world better.

Apart from the innovation that we offer, I am also inspired working for Hitachi ABB Power Grids because of the culture of trust. Trust is one of the most important value for a successful company – and we have that.

We support each other as we strive to find better ways and move fast with discipline and purpose. Our team provides a safe environment with growth opportunities to prosper. It allows me to work in a dynamic and diverse team with different ideas. The strength of our team comes from applying cutting-edge technology and strong quality assurances.

Now that we have come together with Hitachi, I am excited to use our manufacturing expertise to co-create solutions that contribute positively to the world.”