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TXpert™ Ready DGA sensor CoreSense™

CoreSense™ gives continuous online monitoring of transformer gases, such as hydrogen and moisture. It is qualified as TXpertTM Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpertTM Hub.  It monitors hydrogen levels in transformer oil to provide an early warning for most incipient transformer faults and complement traditional offline laboratory Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of the transformer oil.

Easy installation

CoreSense can be installed on any transformer brand and type, old as well as new, or on a whole fleet of transformers. Thanks to its innovative thermal pump design that uses no moving parts, it can be connected to the transformer at any location including the drain valve.

Universal fluid support

CoreSense can be used with transformers filled with mineral oil, Ester and Silicon fluids.

  • CoreSense ST for mineral oils
  • CoreSense SE for synthetic ester (midel 7131)
  • CoreSense NE for natural ester (Cargil FR3)
  • CoreSense SL for silicon fluids

Low maintenance

CoreSense is maintenance free for 15 years. There are no moving parts and no need to calibrate.


More features at a glance:

  • Online monitoring of hydrogen in transformer oil
  • Support for mineral oils, ester, and silicon fluids
  • Qualified as TXpertTM Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpertTM Hub  
  • Solid-state hydrogen sensor (no membrane)
  • Online monitoring of moisture in transformer oil
  • Active oil sampling/circulation with no moving parts
  • Easy to download data in .csv format for offline analysis
  • Two user-configurable alarm levels WARNING and ALARM for both hydrogen and moisture
  • Easy to interpret alarms and LED´s
  • A large number of communication protocols and options
  • 4-20 mA inputs allow connection from external sensors (i.e. load, ambient temperature or oil temperature)
  • Sensor configuration and administration: streamlined and intuitive web interface

Firmware for CoreSense™

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