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Energy storage inverter PQstorI

One stop solution for energy storage and power quality

PQstorI is the new generation of ABB’s energy storage inverters. PQstorI is designed to efficiently address the needs of the fast growing energy storage market for behind the meter applications such as peak shaving, back-up power, power quality, as well as utility scale applications such as load leveling, frequency response, capacity firming and integration of renewables.

PQstorI offers many benefits like flexibility, modularity and higher efficiency for energy storage applications that need world class 3-level bi-directional inverters. Loaded with enhanced power quality features like harmonics filtering, reactive power compensation and load balancing, makes it an ideal power converter for energy storage application.

Its wide range of power ratings, coupled with the flexibility to operate with any third party controller and multiple mounting options makes it an obvious choice for the system integrators and consumers looking for power storage solutions.

The operation of PQstorI is highly user-friendly, thanks to its 7-inch color touchscreen named as PQoptiM controller. ABB Ability enabled communication allows the devices to be operated and controlled via cloud-connected user platforms with real-time access of data. User can communicate through Modbus or Wi-Fi through a PC or smartphone.


  • Small and medium industrial installations
  • Commercial buildings
  • Data server centers
  • Renewable energy generating stations like solar power plants and wind farms

Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • Modular design, providing flexibility, reducing engineering as well as installation time
  • Energy storage facility coupled with power quality features like harmonics filtering, power factor compensation and load balancing
  • Operational reliability for behind-the-meter applications, due to on-board ABB controller
  • Energy efficient design and operations
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Ability to connect to any third party controller
  • User friendly operations through touchscreen HMI
  • Enhanced communication abilities

Brief performance data

Connection method 3-wire/ 4-wire
Network voltage (+/ - 10%) 208 - 415 V (3 Wire)
208 - 415 V (4 Wire)
Network frequency (+/ - 5%) 50/ 60 Hz
Rated power (at 400 V)          30 kW
Modularity Up to 16 modules can be combined.
Equipment losses <2% of the equipment power typically
DC voltage (min) 590 V for 3 W application; 650 V for 4 W application (at 400V AC)
DC voltage (max) 830 V (890 V with reduced power)
Overload capacity 150% for 10 s once per 15 min (load history has a bearing on overload capacity)
Response time <1 network cycle
Power quality characteristics Load balancing
Harmonic filtering
Reactive power compensation
Programming/ communication Wi-Fi communication
HMI / Protocol Converter
Digital I/O on HMI
Compliance with standards
EN 62477-1 (2012)
EN 61439-1 (2011)
EN/IEC 61000-6-2, Industrial level
EN/ IEC 61000-6-4, Class A
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