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AC bushings type GOH

GOH is a 36 kV high current, oil impregnated transformer bushing for oil-air application, normally used for generator step-up transformers. Current rating is up to 25 kA and its design facilitates use in bus duct arrangements with high temperatures.

GOH can be installed in any angle from horizontal to vertical, and is equipped with a 2 kV test tap. Connection is done to terminal plates on both air side and oil side.

Product scope:

  • Voltage: 36 kV
  • Current: ≤ 25 kA
  • Technology: Oil impregnated paper (OIP) with porcelain insulator

Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • A cost effective solution for GSU transformers
  • Proven design, continually improved since 1967
  • Unsurpassed system for temperature compensation
  • Available in three current ratings to facilitate a broad range of applications

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Catalogs and instructions  
Technical guide 1ZSE 2750-107
Installation and maintenance guide 2750 515-85
Comments on replacement bushing GOH 150 2750 515-122
New tightening system for GOH 2750 515-86

General information, oil impregnated bushings  
Ordering data form (.doc format)
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1ZSC 2750-119
Bushing diagnosis and conditioning 2750 515-142
Bushing oil 2750 515-84
Dissipation factor over the main insulation on high voltage bushings 2750 515-150
Electrical routine testing of high voltage bushings 2750 515-148
Gaskets in ABB oil impregnated bushings 2152 4016-3
Seismic calculations on ABB bushings mounted on a transformer tank cover 2750 515-88

Pro/E models
Pro/E models (compressed zip file)

Dimension drawings        
Type designation Lightning impulse
Rated current
Bushing Drawing
GOH 170-10
(brown porcelain)
170 10
See instruction for conductor loading
LF 126 007-A 2751 312-15
GOH 170-10
(grey porcelain)
    LF 126 007-B 2751 312-18
GOH 170-16
(brown porcelain)
170 16
See instruction for conductor loading
LF 126 008-A 2751 312-16
GOH 170-16
(grey porcelain)
    LF 126 008-B 2751 312-19
GOH 170-25
(brown porcelain)
170 25
See instruction for conductor loading
LF 126 009-A 2751 312-17
GOH 170-25
(grey porcelain)
    LF 126 009-B 2751 312-20
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