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Our on-site repair is achieved by bringing the transformer factory setup to the work site. TrafoSiteRepair service is executed to the same high-quality standard as a  workshop repair. This is done by mobilizing special equipment and tools needed to perform any scope of work, from refurbishment, upgrades to replacing all windings, which are manufactured in transformer factories under strict quality standards.

TrafoSiteRepair has been used world-wide for the repair of over 400 transformers including ultrahigh-voltage and converter transformers, industrial units and shunt reactors. TrafoSiteRepair has saved utilities and industrial users millions of dollars by reducing downtime in installations where production losses per day can be extremely high. With on-site repair, transport to a repair facility can be avoided, reducing risk and saving cost and time.

Significant progress in power electronics led Hitachi ABB Power Grids to develop TrafoSiteTesting, a compact high-voltage test system and Low Frequency Heating, a special Hitachi ABB Power Grids technology for high temperature transformer dryout in the field. TrafoSiteTesting enables on site high-voltage laboratory testing such as applied and induced voltage tests with partial discharge measurements, heat run and impulse tests.

TrafoSiteTesting may also be used for condition assessment (preventive measure), transformer troubleshooting (failure identification and localization) and as an extra quality check measure on new units after transportation and installation.

Low Frequency Heating technology decreases the drying time by more than 50% compared to conventional methods and is capable to reduce moisture in cellulose to less than 1%.

Hitachi ABB Power Grids TrafoSiteRepair provides customers with a complete transformer on-site solution by combining state of the art technology with our extensive experience.

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