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Digital Enterprise

Technology is advancing, the world is changing, the stakes are increasing…

Access, answers and action – when and where you need them

With digital transformation comes the ability to rely more on intelligent systems than on specific individual expertise. It can lift the enterprise knowledge level as a whole to include the time-valued institutional knowledge and best practices of the most experienced employees. That’s the value of Digital Enterprise.

Make your organization more adaptive, collaborative and responsive with Digital Enterprise

Digital Enterprise is a solution that crosses enterprise-wide data and system silos to provide unprecedented, single-source access to information and action regarding the operations, assets, systems and the workforce that supports them. It enables faster outcomes by providing employees with comprehensive information derived from multiple operational systems in real-time, so they can weigh key decision factors and take immediate action. Whether in the field, the control room, or the boardroom, no matter the role, everyone across the enterprise can have the information and action-ability they need at the precise moment and place it’s needed.

Digital Enterprise

A better perspective for managing today's utility challenges


Digital Enterprise for electric transmission

Digital Enterprise for electric distribution

Digital Enterprise for energy generation

Digital Enterprise for mining

Digital Enterprise and asset performance management

DE voice: Digital Enterprise and asset performance management - Alessandro Pedretti

Digitalization helps keep Australia moving

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