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Building partnerships for a sustainable world

We strive to run a profitable, sustainable and resilient business for all our stakeholders, balancing growth and pioneering technologies with social prosperity and environmental stewardship.

We are committed to achieving a profitable business in an ethical and responsible way conducting our operations with integrity, transparency and compliance.

We are committed to regularly engaging with our stakeholders and considering their expectations in our operations along our value chain including the communities where we operate.

Costruire partnership per un mondo sostenibile

Ci impegniamo a gestire l'azienda in modo profittevole, sostenibile e resiliente per tutti i nostri stakeholder, bilanciando la crescita e le tecnologie all'avanguardia con il benessere sociale e la tutela dell'ambiente.

Ci impegniamo a creare profitto in modo etico e responsabile, agendo con integrità, trasparenza e conformità.

Ci impegniamo a interagire regolarmente con i nostri stakeholder, incluse le comunità in cui operiamo, e a considerare le loro aspettative nei confronti delle nostre attività, lungo la nostra catena del valore.

Il nostro contributo agli obiettivi di sviluppo sostenibile delle Nazioni Unite

No. 9 Innovation and Infrastructure

We contribute to innovation with our pioneering technologies that enable a more reliable, sustainable and stronger grid and contribute to sustainable infrastructure solutions including upgradations and retrofits. We collaborate with our partners and stakeholders to increase resource-use efficiency, greater adoption of clean and environmentally conscious technology and support economic development, such as with microgrid solutions in island states and developing regions of the world.

No. 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

As leaders in power technologies, we enable increase of electrification and the share of renewable energy in the grid, industry, transport and infrastructure sectors.  We are committed to making our cities and communities more sustainable by providing access to green electricity for homes, commercial establishments and industries and contribute to safe, affordable and sustainable transport for all. As part of our corporate responsibility, we collaborate with communities, supporting them to enhance economic, social and environmental value. 

No. 17 Partnerships for the Goals

We aim to be the global partner of choice for a stronger, safer and greener grid, contributing to sustainable development for all while effectively avoiding and addressing adverse impact on people, the environment and society. We believe in a business with a purpose beyond profit that supports the world addressing its sustainability challenges.  Hence, we regularly engage with external and internal stakeholders to understand their expectations, support in the achievement of their and our sustainable development goals and create value for all. We also collaborate with like-minded partners in institutions and civil society to contribute to the UN SGD goals. 

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