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Pension fund

The Pension Fund ABB Power Grids Switzerland Ltd (PF) provides occupational benefits to the employees of ABB Power Grids Switzerland Ltd in Switzerland and protects its members and their relatives against the economic consequences of old age, death and disability. Similar to the Supplementary Insurance Plan, the Pension Fund offers its members various individual options including, for instance a choice between three contribution tables. The maximum salary that can be insured at the Pension Fund ABB Power Grids Switzerland Ltd is CHF 101,560. Any salary components in excess of this amount will be insured by the Supplementary Insurance Plan of ABB Power Grids Switzerland Ltd.

 Share of the annual salary insured by the Pension Fund ABB Power Grids Switzerland Ltd:

Annual salary (13 times the monthly salary) minus coordination deduction (OASI/DI) = insured salary



Investment strategy

Investment category and strategy in percentages:
  • Money market CHF (2,0%)
  • Bonds CHF domestic debt (20,0 %)
  • Bonds CHF international debt (10,0 %)
  • Government bonds FC, hedged (15,0 %)
  • Corporate bonds FC, hedged (6,0 %)
  • Emerging markets debt (3,0 %)
  • Real estate Switzerland (20,0 %)
  • International real estate hedged (3,0 %)
  • Swiss equities (4,0 %)
  • Global equities hedged (10,0 %)
  • Small caps (2,0 %)
  • Emerging markets equities (2,0 %)
  • Private Equity (3,0 %)

= Total 100,0 %