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Was sehen Sie, wenn Sie an Ihre Zukunft denken? Wenn wir an unsere denken, sehen wir Menschen wie Sie. Treiben Sie mit uns den Wandel an und gestalten Sie die Zukunft der Energie.

Wie können wir produktiver und nachhaltiger arbeiten? Wie werden wir die Städte von morgen mit Strom versorgen? Angesichts der ökologischen Herausforderungen, denen sich der Planet gegenübersieht, sind dies einige der grundlegenden Fragen, die wir beantworten müssen.

Egal, ob wir Wege finden, um erneuerbare Energiequellen aus der Ferne mit Verbrauchern zu verbinden oder die nächste Generation von Transformatoren zu entwickeln, wir arbeiten jeden Tag daran, solche Lösungen bereitzustellen.

Sie werden an einigen der anspruchsvollsten technischen und ökologischen Herausforderungen arbeiten und zusammen mit Fachleuten die Möglichkeit haben, einen echten Unterschied zu machen und die Zukunft der Energie zu gestalten.

Wir bieten verschiedene Programme für Studierende und Absolventen an. Vom Engineering bis zum Vertrieb ist Ihr Tag voller inspirierender Projekte, fantastischer Menschen und Herausforderungen, die sich auf unseren Planeten auswirken.

Opportunities for students and graduates

Graduate Programs

Are you looking to springboard your career, shape the future of energy, and make a real difference in a global company? Do you know the path you want to take, or do you want to explore different possibilities to find the perfect job? In either case, our programs for STEM graduates offer a great possibility to chart your future. 

Join us at the forefront of innovation and face the challenge of shaping the future of energy!

Local Graduate Programs

Swedish Trainee Program


India Trainee Program

South-Asia Trainee Program

General Internships

Do you want to expand your learning outside of the classroom? Our internships are perfect for talented students looking to gain valuable hands-on experience. You will have the chance to try out and apply your knowledge in a real business context across all our professions, from engineering to commercial and business administrative functions. You will build professional relationships and take the first steps of your future career. Our programs allow you to explore the different areas of our business. Just search for open internship opportunities on our job search page. 

Thesis Students

Are you currently looking for an interesting topic for your thesis that brings together theory and practice? A thesis project at our company will give you new ideas and perspectives while contributing to your personal development. You will get a chance to use and test the knowledge you have gained through your studies and translate them into practice.

Entry Level Job Opportunities for Graduates

Have you recently completed your studies successfully and want to enter the workforce permanently? We are constantly looking for motivated graduates to join our team! Go to our job search and look for jobs in the category “Entry level (< 2 years of work experience)” and contribute to our purpose of providing a smarter, stronger and greener grid to the world.


Apprenticeship (Long and short term)

In some countries, we offer long-term apprenticeships with our company, which is structured vocational training in the technical and commercial areas. Follow the link to our local pages for more information about long-term apprenticeships. 

Berufslehre Schweiz


For short-term student apprenticeships in your region, look for “Student Apprenticeships” in our job search.

Summer Jobs

Summer work with us could be your perfect first step in your career journey! These job opportunities for students are a great way for you to gain hands-on experience and learn what it is like to work for a global company with global operation. It is also an opportunity for you to a learn about different professions and explore your ambitions for the future. You can find summer job postings on our job search page.

Summer Jobs in Finland

Summer Jobs in Sweden

Job alert

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Set up a job alert and receive an e-mail as soon as there is a new opening that fits your criteria!

Einstiegsmöglichkeiten für Studierende und Absolventen