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TXpert™ Hub

TXpertTM Hub is the cornerstone of the Hitachi ABB Power Grids open, scalable and manufacturer agnostic TXpertTM Ecosystem. It enables you to take simple steps to digitalize your transformer. TXpertTM Hub is available for installation in both new transformer applications as well as retrofit -regardless legacy brands - and enables us to customize our offerings and services to your needs.

The open, scalable and manufacturer agnostic TXpertTM Ecosystem grants flexibility to integrate and qualify multiple devices as TXpert™ Ready Sensors for connection to the TXpertTM Hub and guarantee that they work together perfectly but also integrate seamlessly with other new and existing equipment.

We can help you to get actionable intelligence customized to your needs by integrating our TXpert™ offering with your technology, knowledge and equipment.

CoreTec™ 4

Start your digital journey with our digital transformer monitoring and diagnostics device CoretecTM 4, the TXpert Hub for new or existing power transformers as well as for retrofit applications.


Based on TXpertTM technology it supports integration and connection of TXpertTM Ready sensors, from by Hitachi ABB Power Grids or other manufacturers, to suit your present and future requirements.


It aggregates data from DGA; bushing and tap-changer and other accessory monitoring devices. Combined with TXpertTM Asset Performance Management Software it enables taking smarter decisions based on data driven intelligence on the current and future operational health of your transformer assets and helps you to:


  • Avoid unplanned outages
    • Measure top oil temperature, ambient temperature, current, voltage, tap-changer temperature, tap-changer position, DGA readings, bushing health readings and other parameters (depending on available sensors)
  • Reduce insulation aging
    • by tracking temperature, moisture and oxygen variations
  • Optimize your bushing and tap-changer maintenance
  • Increase load capacity
    • Model winding hot-spot temperatures, load ratios, insulation aging, loss of life and transformer overload capacity, contact wear for tap-changers, DGA interpretation and bushing health
    • Control up to 6 cooling banks with adjustable thresholds
  • Delay replacement of a sick transformer

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