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Single-stage oil treatment plants (VH005(S)-VH120)

Single-stage oil treatment plants are not equipped with an oil feed pump. Their oil drain pump is a gear pump and the gas extraction system is a rotary-vane vacuum pump. The tank body of the oil treatment plant has high vacuum. In general, oil is sucked into the degassing tank of the oil treatment plant from a vessel with normal pressure.

Oil filtration indexes:

  • After one treatment, the moisture content is ≤ 10±2 ppm; the gas content, ≤ 0.5 %
  • After three treatments, the moisture content is ≤ 5±2 ppm; the gas content, ≤ 0.2 %

Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • Strong brand with a rich history of oil treatment plant design and production since 1921
  • Customized solutions for different technical requirements
  • Global supplier and service network
  • Worldwide sales footprint with highly reliable products

Why VH types?

  • Unique degassing/dewatering structure - in this system, the insulating oil is fully exposed, so that it is feasible to extend the “path” of oil, to obtain adequate time for vaporization and thus achieve the optimal dehydration and degasification effect. A patented photoelectric level control and foam control system is used to avoid any mechanical action and improve equipment reliability.
  • Filtration technology - the filter cartridge is made by ABB. Its filtration efficiency is 100 times greater than a conventional one. While it eliminates the particles, the service life of the filter cartridge is greatly improved. Each filter cartridge is capable of filtering 3.6 million kg of oil without the need for cleaning or replacement (based on the conditions of treating new oil).
  • Heating technology - minimum surface heating efficiency (less than 1.5W/cm²) and indirect radiation heating technology ensure the insulating oil will decompose (increase dielectric losses) because of local overheating during regenerative heating of the oil.
  • Oil treatment capacity: from 500 l/h up to 12,000 l/h
Single-stage oil treatment plants (VH005(S)-VH120)
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