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TXpert™ Ready liquid temperature indicator Comem eOTI

One of the crucial parameters that should be monitored in large distribution transformers and power transformers is liquid temperature. Comem eOTI, with digital and analog output, is qualified as TXpert Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpert Hub. It enables effective maintenance and enhances the reliability of the transformer by continuously monitoring the liquid temperature. 

The thermometer bulb in the Comem eOTI detects variations in the transformer liquid temperature that generate a contraction or expansion of the capillary connected to the pointer shaft. By avoiding unacceptable thermal deviations, the device ensures a longer operating life of the asset.

Thermometers are based on the Bourdon working principle, which enables a direct and precise conveyance of the temperature rise from the bulb to the main dial. The adjustable switching system connected to the pointer shaft provides the desired alarm/trip signals.


Product scope:

  • Power transformers and large distribution transformers
  • Smart grid applications
  • Qualified as TXpertTM Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpertTM Hub  
  • Data monitoring available through Modbus and 4-20 mA

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