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TXpert™ Ready buchholz relay Comem eBR

Comem eBR

can generate gas and affect transformer performance.

Comem eBR Buchholz relay is an innovative evolution of our standard device. It is qualified as TXpert Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpert Hub.

Thanks to its digital interface, Comem eBR continuously monitors two crucial parameters to ensure correct transformer performance: gas accumulation and insulating fluid flow to the conservator.

An electro-pneumatic valve is automatically operated by Comem eBR to discharge the gas and avoid transformer shutdown.


Product scope:

  • Liquid-filled power transformers
  • Qualified as TXpertTM Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpertTM Hub  
  • Smart grid applications
  • For IEC and IEEE market
Comem eBR

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