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TXpert™ Ready liquid level indicator Comem eOLI

Liquid level provides real time liquid level monitoring for power transformers according to the two main technologies: floating arm or contactless ultrasonic technology.

Comem eOLI has digital and analog output, and is qualified as TXpert Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpert Hub.

The device offers reliable, accurate and continuous monitoring of the liquid level inside the conservator, enabling effective maintenance and enhancing reliability of the transformer.


Product scope

  • Liquid-filled power transformers with conservator
  • Smart grid applications
  • Qualified as TXpertTM Ready Sensor to connect with CoreTecTM 4, the TXpertTM Hub 
  • Can be fitted with Comem eViewer device for additional oil level monitoring at eye level
  • Floating arm or contactless ultrasonic technology
  • Data monitoring available through Modbus and 4-20 mA
  • Dial diameter 220 mm
Comem eOLI

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