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AC bushings type RTKG/GARIP

MICAFIL outdoor transformer bushings are the product of a sophisticated design using a small number of components: insulating body, main flange, insulator shell and current conductor.
They are produced in a wide variety of designs and thus can easily fulfill specific customer requirements.

MICAFIL outdoor transformer bushings are completely dry, explosion proof, fire-resistant, and allow high application temperatures.

Product scope

Voltage: 36 - 550 kV
Current: ≤ 4,000 A
Technology: Resin impregnated paper (RIP)

Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • Flexible design allows for adaptation to different customer needs and transformer requirements
  • Completely dry bushing, i.e. no oil spills, no explosion risk
  • No maintenance or constant monitoring necessary
  • Transport and storage is possible in all positions
  • Partial discharge free up to double service voltage
  • High temperature resistance (class E, 120 °C)
  • Low dielectric losses (tan < 0.4%)
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AC bushings type RTKG/GARIP