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AC bushings type GSA-OO

GSA-OO is a dry resin impregnated transformer bushing for oil-oil applications and is available for voltages from 72 to 245 kV. Current ratings are available from 1,600 to 2,500 A.

The GSA bushing can be installed at any angle from horizontal to vertical, and is equipped with a 2 kV test tap. Conductor arrangement can be either of draw lead or solid rod type.

Product scope

  • Voltage: 72 - 245 kV
  • Current: ≤ 2,500 A. Higher current ratings on request.
  • Technology: Resin impregnated paper (RIP)

Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • The bushing is partial discharge free and has a very low dissipation factor, which results in a lifetime equal to that of the transformer.
  • Unique sealing system RIPCOAT drastically reduces the risk of moisture ingress during handling.
  • Excellent performance in seismic active areas.
  • A very comprehensive testing programme has been performed in addition to what is required by international standards.
  • Possible to use with alternative insulating fluids.
AC bushings type GSA-OO

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Catalogs and instructions  
Benefits of using the GSA bushing 1ZSE 2750-117
Technical guide 1ZSE 2750-116
Installation and maintenance guide 2750 515-138

General information, resin impregnated bushings  
Ordering data form (.doc format)
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1ZSC 2750-119
Bushing diagnosis and conditioning 2750 515-142
Different insulation systems in condenser bushings 2750 515-143
Electrical routine testing of high voltage bushings 2750 515-148
Resin impregnated paper bushings 2750 515-130
Seismic calculations on ABB bushings mounted on a transformer tank cover 2750 515-88
Temperature dependency for C1 and tan d for resin impregnated paper bushings 2750 515-134

Pro/E models
Pro/E models (compressed zip file)

Dimension drawings          
Type designation Lightning impulse
Rated current
Space for current transformer
Bushing Drawing
GSA73-OO/2500/0 350 2500 0 LF 135 073-BA 2751 365-BA
GSA73-OO/2500/0.3     0.3 LF 135 073-BB 2751 365-BB
GSA73-OO/2500/0.5     0.5 LF 135 073-BC 2751 365-BC
GSA123-OO/2000/0 550 2000 0 LF 135 123-CA 2751 365-CA
GSA123-OO/2000/0.3     0.3 LF 135 123-CB 2751 365-CB
GSA123-OO/2000/0.5     0.5 LF 135 123-CC 2751 365-CC
GSA145-OO/2000/0 650 2000 0 LF 135 145-FA 2751 365-FA
GSA145-OO/2000/0.3     0.3 LF 135 145-FB 2751 365-FB
    0.5 LF 135 145-FC 2751 365-FC
GSA170-OO/2000/0 750 2000 0 LF 135 170-DA 2751 365-DA
GSA170-OO/2000/0.3     0.3 LF 135 170-DB 2751 365-DB
GSA170-OO/2000/0.5     0.5 LF 135 170-DC 2751 365-DC
GSA245-OO/1600/0 1050 1600 0 LF 135 245-EA 2751 365-EA
GSA245-OO/1600/0.3     0.3 LF 135 245-EB 2751 365-EB
GSA245-OO/1600/0.5     0.5 LF 135 245-EC 2751 365-EC
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