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Complete pure water cooling systems for various industrial and power transmission applications with cooling capacity from 2 kW

Hitachi ABB Power Grids' pure water cooling systems are reliable and energy-efficient solutions with optimized life cycle costs. The cooling media in our solutions is water. The specific application determines when to use tap water, glycol water, or pure water.

Our cooling system solutions are available for every stage of the product life cycle from development, design, sales and production, to assembly, testing, installation, commissioning, training and service.


Why Hitachi ABB Power Grids?

  • Custom made turn key solutions 
  • Over 30 years experience - proven technology
  • Full after sales support for optimized productivity over the life cycle

Get to know more

Our cooling media is water. The quality of water needed is determined by the specific application: 

Pure water - when water with low conductivity is needed

Power electronic applications such as:

  • Cooling of semiconductors in electrical devices such as HVDC, SVC, converters, drives etc.
  • Cooling in metallurgic processes and other industry applications.
  • Cooling where pure water without chemicals is essential, for applications such as food and medical industry.
  • Cooling of magnetic coils such as generators and motors.

Tap water - when conductivity is no issue

Applications include

  • Room cooling
  • Energy storage

Glycol/water mixture - when there is a risk for freezing

How it works

The principle of all pure-water cooling systems is fundamentally the same. There is a main loop cooling the object. Water transfers the heat to water-to-water or water-to-air heat exchangers. From the main loop a small part of the flow passes a water-processing circuit. The water is filtered mechanically. If necessary, it is also continuously purified from ions and oxygen. The conductivity of the cooling water can be maintained as low as <0.1µS/cm (at 25°C).

Prefabricated Systems

Our cooling systems are prefabricated and assembled in one or several units. Most of the systems include control equipment with PLC and software. The systems are tested and verified before delivery.

Installation and start up

As we deliver systems globally, we have developed design standards and control routines for efficient onsite installation and start up. Most of our customers can easily set up the systems themselves by following our manuals. 

Container Cooling Solutions

As an option the systems can be delivered as a ready-to use container solution. This can be used to optimize logistics, minimize outage time and installation time. 

In a regular container solution the cooling system pump unit, treatment circuit, motor starters as well as the protection and system control are mounted into an enclosure or container. Optional equipment for the container may include insulation, ventilation, lighting, heating and air conditioning. 

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