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Doing business with us

Contracts and Payments

Supplier Contract Changes

Supplier contracts and agreements have been reviewed on a case by case basis. If impacted by our joint venture, you will have received communication and documentations to either assign/ novate/ warranty transfer or separate your ABB contract to a Hitachi ABB Power Grids contract. A Transactional Service Agreement (temporary extension) may also have been put in place. The Hitachi ABB Power Grids General Terms and Conditions for Purchase can be found on our website alongside the Supplier Code of Conduct. The content remains the same. Our legal entity name change will not impact the legality of the existing agreements you have signed. The terms and conditions of the agreements signed by the former legal entity name also will remain unchanged.

Supplier Payments

To be able to achieve our overall target “paying timely”, we re­quire good quality invoices to be sent correctly to Hitachi ABB Power Grids. In cases where the standard process hasn't been applied, the payment could be delayed. To avoid any risk in de­lay, we have prepared an invoice handling overview of the Hita­chi ABB Power Grids Procure-to-Pay process for a well organized and effective payment system.

Invoice Handling

You will find the global and local versions of our Procure-to-Pay process on our dedicated website page Invoice Handling below. These documents are key for suppliers to follow to avoid pay­ment delay. Our recent transformation has meant we have up­dated some of our processes and contacts. We do not foresee any operational delay on payments due to our legal entity name change. You will receive a letter asking you to update your registries with the new legal entity name in your location.

If you need further support, please head to our website page Supplier Invoice Inquiries below which lists contacts by location. This is the quickest way for you to interact with the Hitachi ABB Power Grids Accounts Payable department on the status of invoices.