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Our people & culture

Our pioneering spirit and culture of innovation

Our culture of innovation has been defined by our long and rich heritage of pioneering technologies for over a century. Today, our pioneering spirit lives on strong. We push boundaries, we break records and we never give up. Our work is ever evolving to meet the challenges of how we live today and we’re very proud of what we achieve together. 

Our culture continues to be organically shaped by our 40,000 talented experts who, together with customers, partners, academia and other research bodies, are pioneering and co-creating the next generation of sustainable solutions. Together, we work and think globally, providing technical solutions that span cities, countries, and continents. We power the world’s largest wind farms, bring energy to mass transportation systems, and protect our biggest cities from blackouts. Such purposeful innovation fuels our passion and drives us forward.

Open collaboration and customer focus are key dimensions of our Power Grids' culture. Wherever you are in the world, our experts thrive on 'teaming up' to co-create impactful solutions that deliver customer success and societal progress. Engrained in our behaviour norms and values, collaboration enables us to bring together the best expert teams to ideate, incubate, design, test, pilot and deliver solutions that solve customer needs and cerate even more value - social, environmental and economic.

Integral to our business strategy is diversity and inclusion. As a modern and progressive company, we believe that the best ideas can come from anyone, anywhere - and everyone can make a difference. This belief and outlook is nurtured within our leadership philosophy and we work closely with our leaders to cultivate and reinforce the right leadership 'role model' behaviours - exploring topics such as 'unconsious bias' and equipping our leaders with the skills and support to energise their teams to give their best.

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